Joy Community Kitchen helps build
  • Health
  • Hope
  • Knowledge
  • Confidence
for underserved populations in Gwinnett County, Georgia USA and beyond.
  • We make and deliver great microwaveable frozen meals to vulnerable seniors and others who need them.
  • We prepare and serve fresh-cooked meals for transitional housing residents.
  • We facilitate nutritional and skills education.

      Thank you for your prayers and support. 

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About Our Frozen Meals
Where are the meals made?

We prepare, package, and freeze our meals at PREP Atlanta, a local commercial kitchen which is licensed and regularly inspected by the GA Departments of Health and Agriculture. Our lead chef is ServSafe certified. She successfully completed a professional course and proctored exam in safe food prep and handling offered by the National Restaurant Association, and renews her certification regularly as required by the program.

What’s in the meals?

Our frozen meals are built around fresh, high-quality beef, chicken, or, now and then, pork or ham. Sides are usually a starch – rice, pasta, or fresh potatoes – and often some kind of colorful fresh vegetable. The meals are lightly seasoned.

Where do you get the meat for your meals?

We purchase our meats the same places restaurants do – from vendors like US Foods and Restaurant Depot. Our meats are always fresh, never frozen, and always great quality.

Are the meals microwavable?

Yes, though our containers are NOT electric- or gas-oven-safe unless noted. After we prepare the meals, we portion them into lidded freezer-to-microwave containers. After that we freeze, shrink-wrap, and label them.  Cut away the shrink-wrap and lift the lid, and your meal is ready to microwave.

How do I get these frozen meals?

We are not open directly to the public at present.  Instead, we distribute our frozen meals to selected pantries and shelters who distribute them for us.

Nutritional Education

Joy Community Kitchen partners with the USDA and the Gwinnett, Newton and Rockdale County Health Departments to offer nutritional education to our clients.   Starting in January 2022 we’ll begin delivering SNAP-Ed and other training and materials at Rainbow Village in Duluth, GA USA.  We are also planning initiatives at assisted living facilities and extended-stay motels in Gwinnett County.

If we can help you or your organization connect with SNAP-Ed or links to nutritional education resources, please email us at

STEAM and Skills Education

Joy Community Kitchen partners with Amazon and Microsoft to help our clients learn and grow.  Amazon directly supports us through AmazonSmile, and Microsoft provides most of our computing technology through Microsoft Tech for Social Impact and TechSoup.  We’re members of the Amazon Web Services [AWS] Partner Network and Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration for Black and African American Communities initiative.   These programs offer expertly designed online and onsite training, in many cases at no cost.

Our Director of Communications and Technology Mike Donnellan has been a Microsoft Partner for two decades and has developed training programs devoted to Microsoft technologies.  Mike has also been a postsecondary teaching assistant at community colleges and Georgia Tech and loves learning and teaching.

Joy Community Kitchen is first and foremost a charity that addresses food insecurity by providing high quality frozen meals to people who need them, and serving fresh-cooked meals at selected partner facilities.  We also believe that helping our clients achieve independence by developing their own gifts and skills is central to our mission.  We’ll use the resources given to us by our corporate partners and individual donors to realize these goals.

Our partnership with Rainbow Village in Duluth, GA USA has opened an opportunity for us to use these skills and resources, and those of our volunteers, to offer STEAM programs for kids and skills training for adults at Rainbow Village in 2022.  We hope you will join with us to help our clients succeed!