Founded in 2012, Joy Community Kitchen, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit combination meat/food pantry and soup kitchen.
ID# 46-0579887.
        Our mission is to serve God by honoring, serving, and encouraging our neighbors-in-need through hot fresh meals; fresh/frozen meats and meals; and home-delivered meals and groceries to shut-ins. We are located in the “C” Building of Praise Community Church, 329 Grayson Hwy., L’ville, GA 30046, just a few blocks from the squareFrom Jan. – Aug. 2018 our pantry distributed 19,941 lbs. of food to 3,924 people, and our soup kitchen served 1,026 hot meals. We could not have done this without your donations of time, talents, funds, and prayers. Thank you!

Special Cookies from Special Kneads and Treats

Every Friday Special Kneads and Treats Bakery donates 180 assorted cookies for us to give our clients. (Pictured, bakery employee Ian holding this week’s cookies.) Along with their meats, meals, and other groceries, each of our clients receives one perfect, delicious SK&T cookie.

It’s been fun for us to observe the absolute love/love relationship people have with these cookies.

A married father of four, quietly waiting for his groceries, completely immersed in his cookie. A solemn little girl, carefully selecting just the right cookie for each person in her large family. Two little boys, noting we’re about to close and asking wide-eyed if they can have the last two cookies. (Of course they can!) An adult caregiver of an elderly mother, relating that the very first thing her mother does upon receiving her groceries is to locate her cookie among the bags and eat it up.

Thanks, Special Kneads and Treats, for making our clients’ lives a little brighter!