Thank you! Statistics for March-June

Between March and June your donations enabled our whole foods pantry to serve 1,420 people with each person getting up to 11 lbs. of good wholesome food – a total of 15,600 lbs. of food, or nearly 8 TONS. That includes 1,720 lbs. of fresh-frozen, great-quality chicken and 320 lbs. of fresh-frozen, great-quality ground beef. Our clients sure appreciate it and so do we. Thanks!

Saturday, Oct. 22 Outreach

Today we served fresh ham dinners to 31 walk-in guests, plus 14 more to the homeless shelter down the street, and froze another 20 or so for future distribution. One sweet lady came inside and we chatted as she ate every bite. Thanks to our 6 wonderful volunteers, some of whom came to cook, some serve, and some both!!!


So, where do we get our food? Some of it comes from the Atlanta Food Bank, with whom we partner. A little has come from various food drives. All the fresh stuff we currently purchase from Sam’s Club. We try to use fresh ingredients whenever possible because our guests deserve it.

Fresh Meals for our Neighbors in Need

     An all-volunteer organization, Joy Kitchen partners with the Lawrenceville Church of God to serve fresh to-go meals to the needy on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. Any leftover food is frozen for distribution to other outreaches. Last week we served 56 meals, the remainder of which were frozen for distribution to a local homeless shelter. Our volunteers come from throughout the community.


Partnering Is Where It’s At!

No outreach function successfully in a vacuum. Besides the numerous individuals who have helped us, below are some of the churches, businesses, and organizations to whom we are indebted.

– Lawrenceville Church of God

– Highlands Presbyterian Church

– Graystone Church

– Atlanta Community Food Bank

– SE Gwinnett Co-op

– Lawrenceville Co-op

– Sysco, Inc.

– Olive Garden

– InTouch Ministries

Food Recovery from Sysco, Inc.           

Hardworking volunteers from the pastoral staff at Graystone Church (and some family)
Hardworking volunteers from the pastoral staff at Graystone Church (and some family)

Recently Sysco, Inc. invited us to recover over 2,500 lbs. of fresh, dry and frozen foods from their April 11 trade show at Gwinnett Center. Many thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers for loading, transporting, and unloading the food.



Partner Agency with the
Atlanta Community Food Bank

Friendly packers at the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Cheerful packers at the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

We are one of AFCB’s 600 partner agencies. This means that we can purchase a variety of foods directly from them for pennies on the dollar. What an incredible blessing and help!

Member of Gwinnett Coalition of Non-Profits

We are also a member of the Gwinnett Coalition of Non-Profits, a group of non-profits of all sizes and descriptions which meets monthly to share information and resources.